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Instead of This...Eat/Drink This...

Here is a small list of some smart and healthy swaps for those unhealthy foods and drinks that sabotage your attempts at a healthy way of eating.

Instead of drinking that soda, try some sparkling water with a splash of fresh fruit juice. Or water flavored with mint leaves, orange slices or cucumber slices.

Instead of sugary cereal, enjoy some oatmeal with berries or plain Greek yogurt with your choice of berries or other fruit.

Instead of chips or pretzels, try some crunchy celery or carrots dipped in hummus. Or plain popcorn seasoned with your choice of spices. Or a handful of nuts.

Instead of the medium sized mocha coffee drink with whip cream, opt for a small sized decaf latte, topped with cinnamon.

Instead of hash browns or french fries, eat a baked white or sweet potato filled with salsa, or a small amount of grass fed butter.

Instead of popsicles, enjoy some frozen fruit like grapes.

Instead of ice cream, opt for sherbet or frozen yogurt topped with fresh fruit.

Instead of using mayonnaise, try using hummus or mashed avocado in it's place.

Instead of a candy bar, enjoy a small serving of dark chocolate with at least 70 percent cocoa.

Everything you consume effects your body in a positive or negative way. Making smart choices and looking for quality food, will always be the better option.

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